The World’s First Conscious Tech Summit

Vested is not about creating the next Facebook, the Uber of food, or the Netflix of fashion. We’re looking for the world’s mindful risk-takers, the ferocious entrepreneurs exploring frontier technologies to make real impact in humanity. We’re inviting the moonshot-takers aiming to solve the world’s asymmetry, the rocket ships transporting us earthlings onto a new era where the world feels like a better place.

Let’s face it: the solutions to the world’s most pressing problems are not to be found in a sleek office in Silicon Valley but in the heart of the world’s emerging economies. This is where the next billion users will be. That’s why Vested was born: to gather the brightest conscious tech minds in emerging markets with the world’s savviest, passion-forward investors to craft – and strike deals – that change the world. For real.

Our mission is to help the next batch of value-driven, structure-smashing innovators bring their brave new worlds to reality.


“The future is already here — it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

~William Gibson


El Gouna, Egypt


9-12 May 2018