El Gouna, the Middle East reimagined

The first destination in Africa and the Arab Region to receive the Global Green Green Award, El Gouna is a global example of environmental sustainability, set in one of the most unlikely places. Surrounded by the Sahara desert and the terracotta mountains that embrace the Red Sea, El Gouna is a paradisiac wonderland constructed by an entrepreneur out of nothing.

Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and populated by a cosmopolitan population thirsty for innovation, its own co-working hub and a chapter of the ancient Alexandria Library, this utopic seaside town is striving to become a science capital in the Middle Eastern region.

Out and about

Located 25 kilometers north of the seaside town of Hurghada, El Gouna is a four hour flight from Europe’s major capitals. The town is easily accessed from Europe via the nearby Hurghada International Airport and boasts a superb infrastructure and excellent services as well as natural beaches and year-round sunshine.
The town’s location offers good access to many of Egypt’s natural wonders, historical sites, and archaeological treasures. The ancient temples of Luxor and Aswan are only a ride away. Day and overnight trips to Luxor, Aswan, Cairo, and Sinai are also easily arranged from El Gouna.

What to do

Surrounded by miles of sandy beaches and turquoise lagoons, El Gouna attracts aqua sport aficionados at heart. From snorkeling, to fishing, to kitesurfing and windsurfing for the bravehearts, El Gouna is a global centre for water sports.
But sport in El Gouna isn’t limited to what can be played on water; the city, populated by green golf courses and tennis courts, offers endless chances from biking, to horseback riding. For Golf practitioners, both of El Gouna’s 18-hole championship courses boast year-round golfing in astounding settings, embraced by stunning mountains and mesmerizing sea views.
Not a sports fan? You can indulge in lavish boat trips to the paradisiac islands surrounding El Gouna, or venture into the Eastern Desert for a visit to the nearby Bedouin village, spending the nights star-watching in beautiful campsites the days strolling through desert monasteries.
For foodies, El Gouna is home to an incredible variety and excellent quality of cuisine, with over 100 different dining outlets to choose from, ranging from fine cuisine to casual dining as well as healthy-living hubs, and cafes and coffee shops.


Where to stay

El Gouna has served as the pilot location for the Green Star Hotel, an initiative that aims to improve environmental standards in the Egyptian hotel industry. Home to world-class hotels, El Gouna offers plenty of services, including:

  • Steigenberger
  • Movenpick Resort & Spa El Gouna
  • Sheraton Miramar
  • Ancient Sands Resorts
  • La Maison Bleue



El Gouna, Egypt


9-12 May 2018