The Vested Experience

Forget exposure: if you’re coming to Vested, you are coming to take massive action, to defy day and night, to craft storms in action, and to push the boundaries of frontier tech. (That is, if you don’t get too distracted by the wonders of the Red Sea). We’ve been working hard to spark you enough.

Kicking off with a Hackathon designed for bold techies to prototype in 48 hours and growth hack their way to a chance to pitch to the sharks, the conference will roll out to a Global Exposure track for brimming ideas to connect with the world’s most conscious problem-solvers. Finally, the Deal Track will match-make smart capital with selected entrepreneurs to facilitate deal closing in real time.

The Vested Hackathon

Gear up for a 3-day challenge where, along with 30 experts and mentors, the top 100 startups will hack the growth of their company or prototype a product for a chance to win various prizes.

While you’re hacking your way to the next big thing, you’ll get a chance to dive into the Find your super power room, an area offering a gamified experience to discover and uncover who you are, with the support of mentorship sessions to find your strength and interact with your team, while appreciating each others’ differences.


Global Exposure

Delve into a one and a half day of inspirational talks and debates with 40 global and regional speakers to a crowd of 500-700 attendees. Talks, fireside chats, panel discussions and round tables will be part of this festival of ideas, inspiration, and massive action.

Startups Tech Expo

Explore the emerging world’s most daring startups and tech companies as they showcase wicked innovations and time-travelling prototypes. The expo is not only geared towards raising investors’ awareness in the emerging market’s untapped talents, but also crafting spaces for networking and collaboration. Get a test-drive of self-driving cars, enter a new sphere illustrating the future of IoT, try on the boldest interactive wearables, and explore the storytelling room and booth, where key ecosystem players will share their inspirational stories.

Shark Zone

Get in the ring, as the top 50-75 startups in emerging markets will get the chance to pitch their business to 50+ global investors for a chance to close deals.

The Catamaran everyone wants to be in: Only the fiercest and the relentless will get the change to pitch to the sharks, but they’ll have to meet them in their element, getting on a Catamaran ride through the turquoise waters of the Red Sea. The finalists will also get to take to the stage at the closing ceremony, showcasing their winning pitches to an eager crowd.

What’s the deal track?

We’re pre-selecting the top 30 startups, with expert judges filtering and cutting through the noise, curating a selection of structure-smashing tech innovations. They get matched with the right investment panel to get on stage in front of the panel and pitch to the sharks.

The track also includes speed-dating, so you don’t just reply on the pitch but also capitalize on human connections. In this marathon, so you either win a super cool “boat meeting” with top VCs on our Ride The Sea with Real Sharks or you try harder next time. You never lose: you win or you have a blast.

How are we going to do it?

The global appetite for investing emerging markets is there; now, do you have what it takes to build a rocketship that attracts smart capital? Enter the deal track, where you will:

● Pitch in front of a panel of global conscious investors
● If you ace the pitch, you’ll get a chance to have a one-on-one meeting with an investor and Ride The Sea with Real Sharks
● The top 3 winners get to pitch on stage at the closing ceremony



El Gouna, Egypt


9-12 May 2018