Facts about Sahl Hasheesh, Red Sea

Sahl hasheesh “The Jewel of the Red Sea”



Sahl Hasheesh is the quickest rising extravagance resort in Egypt. Its prime and exceptionally location on the Red Sea coast is only a one hour departure from Cairo and two to four hours trip from Middle-East, United kingdom and other significant European Cities. 


At full form out, Sahl Hasheesh, with a land region around 66% the size of the island of Manhattan incorporates a few world-class hotels, selective residential resorts and a decent assortment of entertainment hubs along a 9 Km beach promenade.


What to do in Sahl Hasheesh?

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

The Red Sea has some perfect marine life. Just a short stroll from Azzurra is Sahl Hasheesh Bay where one can snorkel and scuba dive.

Here you will likewise locate the Sunken City which offers a novel encounter to swim, snorkel and scuba dive through submerged structures covered in delicate corals and swarming with tropical fish.

There are also daily diving excursions to local dive sites and progressively remote diving destinations relying upon your diving ability.


Water Activities

Sahl Hasheesh is sheltered bay offers excellent atmosphere for an exciting and relaxing beach vacation.

A variety of water sports activities such as kitesurfing and windsurfing, parasailing, donut, banana boat and more are waiting for those looking to make a change and explore the excitement of the Red Sea.


Quad Biking

Looking for some adventure?! There are some fun and dusty undertakings through the desert on quad bike. These adventures take you to increasingly remote zones in the encompassing desert areas.



Two beautifully located professional golf courses that allow players to enjoy a day on the fairway and to work on their swing. Both courses are designed to provide golfers with unrivaled views of the sea and the desert mountains. 


HorseBack Riding

Sahl Hasheesh is the ideal location for adventurers to experience the desert and sea with endless activities. The vast resort offers an excellent opportunity; to explore all the natural beauty of the Red Sea on a horseback riding excursion into the desert and along the beach.



For a journey of international tastes, Sahl Hasheesh is home to a variety of casual and fine dining. Variety across the number of resort hotels and throughout Old Town. 

Guests can treat themselves to food and refreshments from around the world. Including local Egyptian delicacies, Mediterranean, Indian, South and East Asian, Mexican and Italian.


Night Life

When the sun sets and the beach cools down the Old Town Boardwalk warms up with exciting evening entertainment. In addition to weekly live music, DJs, sports, pool tournaments, karaoke and much much more. Come and experience our after-hours twist to beachside living.


How To Get Around


Sahl Hasheesh hotels and residences are connected by an extensive promenade, stretching from the Old Town district to the soon-to-be Marina area. Also Guests can now move around with our shuttle bus service that rotates hourly from each hotel and apartment residence. All schedules will be at the designated bus stop locations.  Also, there is a golf cart rental number that guests can call on demand if waiting is just not an option