Your Guide to Vested Summit 2019

Vested Summit 2019 philosophy revolves around, three universes for a better future; 

Super Beings, where you look and enhance the within. Super Things, where you use and enhance tools around you, and finally. The Forces in Between, where both universes meet together in a business context that brings value to the world – creating a better future. 


What you get as a StartUp?


Mental health is really overlooked in the startup ecosystem. The SuperPowers Track  involves healing sessions, sound healing, rikki, natural oils, spiritual corner, crystals, salt, chakra healing, and more. Because we’re the ones who caused the imbalance, we’re the ones who will weigh it back up again. With a healthy mind, we’ll find healthy solutions.


Global Exposure 

You are eligible to exhibit if you’re a fellow startup, or a company looking for exposure for a solution fueled by #ConsciousTech. and based out from one of the thriving emerging markets to be part of this year pavilion.



As well as mentors at the Shark Zone. You’ll also have the chance to attend workshops to prepare you to pitch before your next big shot investor.



You’ll have a golden opportunity to meet Venture Capitalists, Angel Investors and One grand investment prize is on the wait for one of you.



What you get as an investor ?


Deal Making

They say money talks, and they didn’t lie. Investment track is where the tycoons behind the money talk. It’s a track where startups, investors, and policy makers come together for a full and intensive growth experience and talking about injecting money in the right places.


Networking and Global Exposure 

Imagine being surrounded by a boulevard of startups at different stages and various sectors from emerging market. We will also treat you to a well-deserved VIP dinner where you’ll have the chance to meet your fellow investors and colleagues from all over the world. 


Investor Training 

Investment track workshops , discussions and inspirational talks, Where you’ll get the opportunity to meet global financial specialists meeting up for one mission; bringing real money to real problems.

Talent Finding 

Don’t miss the chance to explore new opportunities from all over the world in one place. Discover a world of innovative ideas and projects creating new investment opportunities. 



What you get as a #ConsciousTechie ?


Global Exposure 

Are you fascinated about #ConsciousTech and have a project or product to show us?  you can display your #ConsciousTech-driven solution at our Tech Pavilion where hundreds of will be signing up for this as a big part of the V-experience 


Experience our knowledge cafe in Tech Track  where you can build a strong and diverse professional network where you can embed yourself within a valuable community filled with knowledgeable and resourceful people.


This is why we invest so much in our research to make the most powerful, relevant, and motivational selection of speakers, investors, mentors, and business experts.

Our network of market disruptors and business insiders extends across borders. Last years speakers came all the way from Armenia, Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Kenya, Luxemburg, Mexico, New York, San Francisco, Stockholm, The Netherlands, UAE, Vietnam.



Latest trend in tech 

In addition to our Tech  pavilion, Where you get to  know the latest in technology trends using Drones, Robotics, AI, VR, Voice Tech, Clean Tech, Digital Fabrication, Blockchain and IoT, or Big Data.

Our #ConsciousTech exhibition will expose you to the other side of our tech story; You will walk in a dark zone to see the light. No, we’re not just being poetic. This really is the case. In an isolated pavilion, with dark walls with spotlights on the side to literally shed light on the conscious tech that comes to life.